Sunday, October 9

100 Followers! WOW!

Giveaway TIME! Whew can't believe there are 100 of you. I honor of Breast Cancer awareness month I figured let's keep it PINK!

Of course there is some pink polish, Essie's Lion Around and SPARitual Laughing in Pink...

But what is one of my giveaway's without some jewelry... so here is a one-of-a-kind Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet!

I was thinking of selling these and giving 75% of the proceeds to Breast cancer awareness. If you're interested let me know, I'm going to make them on a custom order basis and I'll set up an easy shop link for you.

Once again I'm only going to run the giveaway for a week or so, I hate waiting forever to win something and I like to think you do too! It is open till Wednesday 19th.

One entry per account, one extra entry if you blog about it, one extra if you tweet about it.

Best of Luck, and thanks again everyone for the support all of you have given me!

Wednesday, October 5

To everything, there is a season...

I am feeling very "fall" lately.

I think the combination of the change in season and changes in both my personal and professional life are convalescing, making me slightly melancholy and nostalgic.

So I'm packing away the bright, sunny summer shimmers and fluorescent, bring out the moody tones of fall.

After putting on the base coat, I used barielle's unraveled rust. (I love this deep chocolate brown).

I stamped this cute leaf design from my bundle monster plate with CQ rustic dream. Rustic dream is an AMAZING dou-chrome polish only available at Rite Aid, that I know of. A definite pick up for fall.

Well love and chip-free nail polish to you all!

Saturday, September 17

Flock Together...

This new feathers trend is an interesting one, I starting seeing it in hair, then jewelry... the next logical step–NAILS!.

I'm part of a Facebook group and someone shared a picture of a feather manicure, I had to try it.

Here is it:

1. I used China Glaze Classic Camel as my base color
2. I laid down one layer of Seche Vite topcoat then gently placed the feather on top.
3. I used a small eyeshadow brush to lay down on the pieces of feather by gently patting down. I let that dry and then
4. painted one more coat of top coat going from the tip of my nail to the nail bed as not to disturb the way the feather laid on my nail.
5. I cut off the remaining feather that extended beyond my nail with nail clippers. (here's a hint, cut a bit of you nail also, the feather will end up much more flush and not fray.)
6. One last layer of Seche Vite on top and I was done!

I was very dramatic in person and I will try this one again, a little extra time to do but definitely worth it.

I found the feather's at Michael's Craft Store and cleaned them with rubbing alcohol before placing them on my nail.

Love and chip-free nail polish to you all, until next time.

Saturday, September 10

Wednesday, September 7

Coming Soon!

Nail Polish Rings to be added to my Etsy shop!

Stay tuned!
From left to right; Gold flakie with Green, Copper Hex glitter,  Gold to Burgundy Purple glass fleck.

Love and chip-free nail polish to you all!

Monday, September 5

Tight pants, soap and bad parking...

When I first learned that I could take type and designs and transfer them to my nails one of my first instinct was to see what comics would look like.

I am blessed to have an amazing friend, amazing artist, he has an online comic and of course in honor of this amazing story and comic I give you... the end of things nails.

Evan, the main character, goes through his own internal struggle with weight, the idea of growing up and out of his parents pre-destined image of him and finding his true self. It is a definitely must read. Check it out here

Here are the nails!

I see I'm nearing 100 followers, I've got some surprises planned. Stay tuned this week!

Love and chip-free nail polish to you all!