Saturday, August 20

Ready for takeoff!

Are we all seated, seat belts buckled and tray in the upright and locked position? Don't turn off you electronic devices though...

First a note of business... we have a winner! The magical bracelet and full set of WnW craze polishes goes to Mindy from our neighbor to the north! You have till 1:00pm EST on Sunday, Aug. 21st, 2011 to get back to me to accept your prize.


I have for you a design done with the Fall 2011 Essie collection.

I simple and quick design, I used Very Structured as the base color, then Power Clutch and Case Study in a half moon tip design.

I love the creme quality of the Essie polishes and they lend themselves wonderfully to the 3-brush stroke technic. 2 coats is all it took for the base and the tip design was done with one.

Looking forward to fall and these beautiful muted palettes.

Thanks, love and chip-free polish to you all!

Saturday, August 13

Give-A-Way Time

You all deserve a present, because you humor me, put up with my bad grammar, my mispellings and because you like me, your really like me! Now that there are nearly 50 of you I wish I could give something to each of you individually but I'm poor. So I made this spiffy bracelet, and I'm giving way the entire WnW Craze line from last fall.

Crossed fingers, this is my first giveaway and I'm praying things run smoothly. Only a week to enter, I hate waiting forever to win something.

The Bracelet!
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The Polish!
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I'm sorry but the GIVEAWAY HAS CLOSED.

Thursday, August 11

We're not in Kansas anymore...

I discovered my new love, scattered hole nail polish.

After I found my two lemmings, CG Crystal Ball and CG Grape Crush. I made some dupes, and thought of other crazy colors I could add holo glitter too. RED! I needed a true red polish with holo glitter.

This is what I think Dorthy's shoes in Wizard of Oz should have looked like, red hologramic sparkles reflecting magical rainbows. Like all beautiful nail polish, no pictures nor words do it justice.. but we still try.

I couldn't leave well enough alone.

Inspired by some little kids artwork, maybe I could layer black over this and scrape it away to reveal the red underneath? I swear I've seen it somewhere.

I'm a firm believer that everything I believe to be original in life, design or nail polish it's all been done before, it's just new to me.

So here is my crayola etch version with black polish layered over the top, what do you think?

Til' next time, love and chip-free nail polish to you all!

Saturday, August 6

Truly, truly, truly Outrageous...

I'm a child of the eighties, if I wasn't playing with my, my little pony's or being forced to watch transformers/He-man with my brother... I was watching JEM and playing with my JEM dolls.

Pink hair, rock n' roll lifestyle and light up earrings, she left barbie in the dust.

So onto the nail art, inspired by JEM!

I used my goto basecoat, CND Sticky, an unnamed salesgirl (Sally's Beauty Supply) polish the brightest fluorescent pink they have, and used the scotch tape technique with Opi DS Coronation. I love the holo sparkle!

I had an incident with a CTA train, needless to say, the train won and my pinky nail didn't. So we're starting fresh, trimmed and new. Celebrating freedom and nubbins'!

To get a great online tut of using scotch tape to get an edgy clean nailart design, checkout Chloe's Nails!

Make sure you check out the queen of the tape manicure:

Love and chip-free nail polish to you all! Til' next time.