Saturday, August 13

Give-A-Way Time

You all deserve a present, because you humor me, put up with my bad grammar, my mispellings and because you like me, your really like me! Now that there are nearly 50 of you I wish I could give something to each of you individually but I'm poor. So I made this spiffy bracelet, and I'm giving way the entire WnW Craze line from last fall.

Crossed fingers, this is my first giveaway and I'm praying things run smoothly. Only a week to enter, I hate waiting forever to win something.

The Bracelet!
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The Polish!
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I'm sorry but the GIVEAWAY HAS CLOSED.


  1. That bracelet is out-of-this-world pretty!!! I didn't realize you were a graphic designer too! That is awesome! And my hometown is Hammond, IN which is right across the state line from Chicago, I didn't realize we had so much in common! :D

  2. I actually grew up in Grand Rapids, MI. Driven through and "Train-ed" through Hammond many times... That's awesome, Go Midwest Girls!

  3. That bracelet is AMAZING!!! I absolutely love it.

    I'm a graphic designer too :) Studying my final semester of uni

  4. We should all collaborate on a button... Designers that love polish! and post it on our blogs!

  5. Ohhh pretty pretty pretty, ive only just seen this polish jewellery and im in love,

  6. Polish jewelry is great, I'm in the midst of working on more pieces since the first few I've made turned out so nice.

  7. Please let me win the polishes.. Thank You!!