Thursday, August 11

We're not in Kansas anymore...

I discovered my new love, scattered hole nail polish.

After I found my two lemmings, CG Crystal Ball and CG Grape Crush. I made some dupes, and thought of other crazy colors I could add holo glitter too. RED! I needed a true red polish with holo glitter.

This is what I think Dorthy's shoes in Wizard of Oz should have looked like, red hologramic sparkles reflecting magical rainbows. Like all beautiful nail polish, no pictures nor words do it justice.. but we still try.

I couldn't leave well enough alone.

Inspired by some little kids artwork, maybe I could layer black over this and scrape it away to reveal the red underneath? I swear I've seen it somewhere.

I'm a firm believer that everything I believe to be original in life, design or nail polish it's all been done before, it's just new to me.

So here is my crayola etch version with black polish layered over the top, what do you think?

Til' next time, love and chip-free nail polish to you all!