Saturday, August 6

Truly, truly, truly Outrageous...

I'm a child of the eighties, if I wasn't playing with my, my little pony's or being forced to watch transformers/He-man with my brother... I was watching JEM and playing with my JEM dolls.

Pink hair, rock n' roll lifestyle and light up earrings, she left barbie in the dust.

So onto the nail art, inspired by JEM!

I used my goto basecoat, CND Sticky, an unnamed salesgirl (Sally's Beauty Supply) polish the brightest fluorescent pink they have, and used the scotch tape technique with Opi DS Coronation. I love the holo sparkle!

I had an incident with a CTA train, needless to say, the train won and my pinky nail didn't. So we're starting fresh, trimmed and new. Celebrating freedom and nubbins'!

To get a great online tut of using scotch tape to get an edgy clean nailart design, checkout Chloe's Nails!

Make sure you check out the queen of the tape manicure:

Love and chip-free nail polish to you all! Til' next time.