Sunday, July 10

French Poetry

Getting the swing of this blog thing, bare with me fair readers. Any tips on photography would be greatly appreciated.

So today we have FRENCH POETRY, I feel inspired by France and Paris lately, maybe something is telling me I need to go on vacation to the french riveria.

So here was the sketch:

I once again started with basecoat, two coats of China Glaze Heaven.

I typed up some wording and printed it out on a laser printer, soaked the small nail sized strips in some rubbing alcohol and placed them on my throughly dried nails pressing down firmly.

Gently, I lifted the paper, leaving the toner left on my nail.
I love this technique and I will be using it a lot in the future, STAY TUNED.

I could have stopped here, oh yes I could have, but I needed some shimmer and stamping awesomeness.

I pulled out one of my favorite stamping polishes, China Glaze Avalanche and BM plate 09 and 15 to add some floral goodness. Bundle Monster Nail Art Nailart Polish Stamp Stamping Manicure Image Plates Accessories Set Kit 21pc

I know, I know, my middle figure is going through some personal issues and will be grown out and back to normal soon.

Ever tried toner transferred nails? Your thoughts?

Love and chip-free nail polish to you all!


  1. I just have to try a newspaper poetry mani, it looks so cool! love the look, you have such beautiful and lovely nails...