Tuesday, July 12

It's not you, it's me...

I really wanted to love this polish.

I picked this “black poppy” nail polish up last night at PacSun. Who knew they carried polish? right?

It called to me from the counter, lured me in with it’s holographic shimmer. I was mesmerized. I knew I had to have it, my life would not be complete. Like all first meetings, you start dreaming of your future together. What kind of magical artwork will I create with you, my beautiful Preciousss...

On the ride home, I thought about others that may compare to you... OPI Private Jet, Color Club’s Revvvolution... but I knew you were special, you were different...

Racing up my 3rd floor walk up, I kicked off shoes threw my purse on the floor... I had to have you.

And then, the moment of truth... you’re a dud. Like most men in my life, you didn’t live up to the hype. Pretty on the outside, crappy on the inside.

While this black holo from PacSun is tempting, it applies like mud and is extremely streaky. It’s a one coater, I tried two coats but it gooped up and got too thick and I removed it. It dries matte which you would think would be cool, but then the streaks in the polish don’t settle out.

I covered all this “black poopy-ness” with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust, then  one coat of Seche Vite.

I wanted to love you so, maybe it’s me, not you...

I will still keep the polish, and use it for some jewelry projects, we’ll still be friends. But real polish love, it’s not meant to be.

Anyone else stop by PacSun and was fooled like myself?

UPDATE! Beauty Secrets Polish thinner was purchased, a couple drops in the bottle worked magically but texture of dried polish is still "sandy". STAY TUNED for a dupe comparison with Color Club Revvvolution.


  1. I bought 6 Black Poppy brand nail polishes at Pac Sun over the weekend. I fell in love with all of them the instant I swatched them onto a color wheel! I didn't get the same one you got but I got a Dark grey with colored micro glitter, a shimmery dark silver, a very bright pink, a really sparkly darker pink, a bright teal, and a dark greenish teal. I never knew they sold polish there either!

  2. The teal is amazing, I played "polish fairy" and bought it for a fellow polish fiend. She loves it, put it on instant over her manicure she was wearing. It was hilarious.